Quality Management System Policy ESINTE s.r.o.

ESINTE s.r.o. is a distributor of LS Mtron injection moulding machines (LG Group South Korea), WEMO Automation linear robots (Hahn Group Germany) and Abiman Engineering linear robots and peripherals (YUDO Group South Korea). It provides complete service and spare parts supply for these devices. Thanks to their long experience, innovative attitude and modern technology, these international companies are among the world's leading manufacturers of machinery for the plastics industry. The quality of products and services and satisfying the needs of customers has been the basis of all ESINTE activities since the beginning, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ESINTE s.r.o. is an ISO 9001 certified company. The company's management is committed to the following principles:

  • To constantly strive for the company's brand to be associated in the minds of customers with quality, reliability, professional, expert and serious approach.
  • To meet current and future customer requirements, needs and expectations and to create optimal conditions in terms of service and advice
  • Respond flexibly to market needs, renew the product range and meet delivery deadlines
  • Openly discuss problems, conduct analyses and take effective remedial action
  • Maintain a strong working team based on trust and cooperation, where quality and service are driven by responsible employees
  • Promote the competence of staff, increasing their skills and responsibility not only for quality but also for environmental protection
  • Create the conditions, plan and provide the resources to enable this policy to be implemented
  • We offer our customers injection moulding machines and robots that are characterised by top quality, maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness, in accordance with international standards

The management of the company has assumed full responsibility for the application of the quality management system policy, its implementation and maintenance.

Jiří Kubík
Managing Director of ESINTE s.r.o.