About the company ESINTE

Who we are?

We are ESINTE – a team of hard-working people who dedicate their time to support the development of our customers. We pride ourselves on professionalism and human approach, we build on long-term cooperation and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. We are flexible, responsible and successful. What we promise, we deliver. Open communication is our standard.


The company´s background

ESINTE has its headquarters in Olomouc, the imaginary centre of the Czech and Slovak Republics. The management and customer support team is based here and is responsible for quotations and requests for spare parts and technical support for customers. One of the spare parts warehouses is also located here. Other warehouses are located in Germany, Poland and Sweden, which enables parts to be shipped within 24 hours. The largest of the warehouses are located at LS Mtron and Abiman Engineering in South Korea. Parts from these warehouses can be delivered in as little as five days.

The service team consists of qualified service technicians. They are equipped with modern measuring equipment and a set of spare parts for diagnostics or quick machine repair.  We offer services for LS Mtron and Demag machines such as fault diagnosis, resealing of hydraulic parts, machine inspection, groove and plate drilling repair, screw and barrel wear measurement, extensometers, etc. The service team members reside away from ESINTE's headquarters to maximize customer travel time. 

The sales team is also located within both republics and is fully available to provide quotations or technical information. We hold LS Mtron injection moulding machines and Abiman Engineering peripherals in stock for fast delivery. We also have web access to our CRM system for customers to track the status of their requirements. Here you will find job price lists and other important information.

ESINTE's Business Principles

Prosperity can only be achieved on solid foundations. Our business focuses on mutual respect and professionalism.

We have built our business on long-term relationships with business partners. We are fully focused on one core business - plastics. As a result, we provide our customers with excellent support that exceeds their needs and requirements.

Mutual respect and tolerance are the basis for long-term relationships. And long-term relationships lead to stability and prosperity for all parties involved.



Establishment of ESINTE as a sales representative of Sumitomo SHI Demag for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Two years later, Sumitomo SHI Demag expands its cooperation with ESINTE and the two companies sign an exclusive representation agreement for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the next ten years, ESINTE builds a strong professional customer support team to fully serve the needs of its customers.

Based on customer requirements for the supply of complex production cells, ESINTE seeks a partner in the field of robotics. It finds a partner in the Swedish linear robot manufacturer WEMO Automation, with whom it signs a contract the same year and thus becomes the official distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ESINTE goes fully digital in its office work. All documents are converted into electronic versions and paper forms leave the company only in connection with the state administration. Customers have free access to the ESINTE information system, where they can clearly find all the necessary information such as a list of machines with details and backed up software, service and measurement reports, requirements, quotations, orders, invoices, price lists and much more.

Even during the automotive crisis and the new Covid-19, ESINTE keeps all full-time employees. As a precautionary measure, some of the staff is switching to the HOME office, which is made possible by the web interface of our information system. Thus, none of the customer services are restricted in any way.

After more than 12 years, the cooperation with Sumitomo SHI Demag is terminated. ESINTE finds a new partner in the South Korean injection moulding machine manufacturer LS Mtron, part of the LG Group. With the signing of the contract, an internal audit is completed and ESINTE becomes the official distributor of LS Mtron for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The cooperation with LS Mtron leads ESINTE to the South Korean robot and peripheral manufacturer Abiman Engineering, formerly known as YUDO. ESINTE becomes the official distributor of Abiman Engineering for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, expanding its portfolio with Abiman peripherals.