Peripheral equipment
YUDO | Abiman


South Korean company YUDO is a major manufacturer of robots, peripheral equipment and hot runner systems. Its subsidiary ABIMAN ENGINEERING is responsible for the production of peripheral equipment, but still under the YUDO brand. Its portfolio includes sprue removers and linear robots as well as tempering devices, dosing equipment, dryers, waste crushers and central systems for material storage and distribution.


Temperature units

The FOS100 and FOS200 series temperature controllers use indirect water cooling and regulate the temperature between +20 °C and 95 °C (150 °C when using Sky Therm).

The higher serie FOS-2000 series uses direct water cooling and regulates temperature from +10 °C to 120 °C.

For high gloss mouldings, the RICH series is a system for rapid heating and cooling of the mould cavity each cycle by supplying steam and cooling water.


Hot air dryers and compressed air dehumidifiers

The compressed air dehumidifiers of the CAD series are optimised for high-precision injection moulding of plastics such as mobile phones.

The DW and DP series are also compressed air dehumidifiers for off-machine positioning with the possibility to connect multiple hot air dryers in one system. They offer air volumes from 25 to 2500 m3/hr, are very energy efficient and can be used for a variety of product needs.

HED hot air dryers use an innovative energy saving effect with hot air recycling function and can also be insulated.


Material loaders

The VLM series are single-phase loader to be placed on the machine together with the material hopper.

The HECA series are designed for central material distribution or for a mobile system with blower and storage bins.


Material hoppers

Insulated models enable to maintain an even temperature of the material when it stays on the machine for a long time. In case of small throughput a pyrex base is available to visualize material before it gets into the auger.



Highly efficient and precise mould cooling with optimal design and cooling temperature control, ensures perfect mould cooling temperature for increased productivity and quality. SOCUL cooling units use either water cooling or air cooling in a temperature range of +5°C to +35°C.



JAWS 400 series - low speed granulators

JAWS 500 series - high speed granulators