WIPS 4.0 control system

WIPS Plastic 4.0
the future of programming

Ergonomic and light weight control panel with high performance

The new handheld controller W-HP12 is ergonomic and with a lightweight design for more comfortable use for programmers and operators. The high resolution 10.1” full color screen is now used in portrait format for better overview of status and program structure. The new screen is also based on the latest technology of processors, which will work much faster and result in a more effective handling and use than before.

Hardwar buttons and handwheel

Another improvement is that the Screen has swipe functionality, like smartphones and tablets. This makes the daily operation faster and more efficient which results in a better usability with reduced page changes. On the right side of the panel, Wemo continue the requested design with hardware buttons for the most used functions like activate axes movement and main operational buttons. As always by Wemo, the handheld controller is equipped with handwheel and a 3 level safety button.


Easy to use

The simplest way is the fastest way, leading to time and cost savings. This is our basic idea of programming concept. We invest our resources in functional design to make the most user-friendly system on the market. Simple symbolic icons and self-generated program lines guides the operator through various alternatives and results in short operator learning times. A clear and understandable interface is the highest priority to make the work easier.

Flexible system architecture - INDUSTRY 4.0

The open architecture of the WIPS control system can control not only the robot but also external axes and communicate to several types of equipment in the automation. This results in more stable functions and reduces the costs in automation, simplifies operation, maintenance and service. The controller and the software platform is already prepared for communication by the defined OPC UA-TSN interface. That means that the robot normally fits perfect to be the master in the process and receive and transmit the data of the complete automation.

When additional downstream equipment needs to be connected, it’s important to add new options in an easy and safe way. With different bus systems it’s possible to communicate to external systems by Industry 4.0. In all Wemo linear robots the hardware design are based on Plug & Play connections with modules for direct communication with W-link. This results in fast and easy installations, stable functions and reduces the cost to expand the automation.

Wemo Offline software

The new Wips 4.0 offline software is designed for using and prepare programs without being connected to the robot. This software is free of charge when buying new robots.